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Friendship Shayari In English

In difficult times of our lives, whether one is by our side or not, but you will find true friends by your side at all times. One of the best gifts God has ever given us is a best friend. And for those friends, today we have brought the best selected “Friendship Shayari In English” and “status“. You can express your faith, respect and love to your dear friend by sending these friendship Shayari and verses.
Truly car friends are by our side not only in times of joy but also in times of trouble. We can only speak our minds to a true friend. That is why we have come up with a special request to send Friendship Shayari In English, Bosti Shayari In English, Best Friend Shayari In English 2 Line.

Friendship Shayari In English

“Call him friend,
Can he forget you
As I was by your side,
I am still in love. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“Friend, you are your own,
Badhale chest house.
If I’m in trouble,
Do it later.
There is no river of happiness
Sad sand char.
You are my friend all the time
My news .. !! ”

Friendship Shayari In English

The most precious thing in the world,
Relationships are pure friendships,
If friends are good
Then there,
There is no place for tears. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“Friend means No Thanks No Sorry
Friend means Fun Is Very Very
Friend means I’m here
Don’t Worry ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“There is a mind inside the chest.
You are in the mind.
Become a friend in your heart,
I want to stay. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“Friendship is Onetime,
But true friendship is lost
Survive Lifetime ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“A letter in the hand of the cloud
I sent it today,
Friends are far away,
A lot of work at hand.
Rain let you know once
Give it to him
Friend, I am by your side
In the space of a thousand jobs! ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“No matter how wrong a good friend may be,
Never forget him.
Because no matter how dirty the water is,
That water to put out the fire e
It is most useful. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“I saw the sky,
I saw the river,
I saw many stars ..
Didn’t see it on Facebook even today
Who are my real friends? ”

“Walking in the dark with a friend,
Better a poor horse than no horse at all. ”

I wrote with difficulty, friend.
Read with the mind.
Me with heart after reading
Who is dear to you?
I don’t know,
To me than Saba
You are a dear friend. ”

“Friend does not mean neglect,
You have to make friends,
Friend is the companion of happiness and sorrow,
Friends who do not line that
Damage to you! ”

Dosti Shayari In English

“My dear friend,
You are the best friend.
My friend is in trouble
Friends are just looking for me.
Buddy next to you
The mind does not cry, it just laughs.
My friend is smiling,
As if to live a lifetime.
I’ll be with you,
Laughter comes to cry. ”

Dosti Shayari In English

“Destiny chooses your relatives,
And you choose your friend. ”

Dosti Shayari In English

“Heroes are tested on the battlefield,
A friend’s test is a time of danger. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

The friend who shares the good days ..
And left in misery,
He is your worst enemy. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“You never make friends
Can’t buy
You earn it.
If someone comes to help,
Then you become a true friend. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“Our friendship,
Like a deep concentration in the middle of the sea.
Today only friends in the middle of the heart
The kingdom of Tamar.
May God be immortal
This is our friendship. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“Love is made of love,
Dreams are made, from imagination,
Feelings are created from feelings,
And friendship is made from the depths of the heart. ”

Friendship Shayari In English

“Sorry you promise,
Don’t touch me!
Happiness you promise,
Don’t leave me!
Eyes you promise,
Don’t make me cry!
And friend you promise,
Don’t forget me. “

Friendship Shayari In English

“Sweet writing in normal handwriting.
Friend I am heavy alone.
Jotsana makha on the moon,
My mind is completely empty.
Fill in the blanks,
Give me a little gold. ”

“My dear friend,
SMS just want to read,
When it comes to writing, mind you,
Just tension with balance,
This is the only way to save money,
Leave Kiptami – Send SMS! ”

“No man is unnecessary,
As long as he has a friend. ”

“A good book
Equal to a hundred friends.
But a good friend
It’s like a library. “

Friend Shayari In English

“Friendship is like chewing gum,
Which once took place in the mind,
Even if you want to leave, it is not possible. ”

Dosti Shayari In English

“A true friend
Can be lost from life,
But not from the mind.
People of true love
Can leave life,
But not from the heart. ”

Dosti Shayari In English

“That man is yours
Avoid times of danger,
Happiness is near.
He can’t be your real friend.
Rather that man is yours
In times of danger,
That is your true friend. ”

Dosti Shayari In English

“Maybe time will stop,
Maybe the sun will set,
Maybe no one will cry,
Don’t be afraid you won’t be alone
You will get it if you raise your hand
See your friend. ”

Dosti Shayari In English

I just like to think about you
Share all my pain from the side
Life without friends becomes lonely
So I want to meet you as soon as the day is over.

Dosti Shayari In English

The lost old days are remembered
I would spend those days laughing and joking
I don’t know where you are, when I will see you
Friend, today I am alone without you.

Dosti Shayari In English

Friend means going for a walk together
Friend means getting all the wants in life
Friend means newcomer
Friend means all the love in life.

There is only one friend who will be by your side all the time
He will keep everything in life alone
No matter how hard I try, my friend will be by my side.

Dosti Shayari In English

The moon rose in the sky, how many they rose
Losing friends is not life and life
I can’t stay a day
Friend without you.

Dosti Shayari In English

If I ever become alone
Friend, let me see you
I will be as far away as possible without you
Friend, I will remember you.

This life does not feel good then it feels zero
When friends are without me, you are empty
When I’m alone without you
I want to see you again and again.

I like playing with you to make me a friend
Don’t take me for granted
This is how I will play
How long will it take to cut the whole day.

There are so many spots on the moon and stigma.

Friend Ke Liye Shayari In English

There are so many spots on the moon and stigma

You don’t have any fuck in my friendship
I am happy to have a friend like you
I will spend all my happiness and sorrow together.

You have been very close to me since childhood
Our relationship is involved in breathing
How many years have passed since you were with me?
This is how we will all be on the way.

I will want both of them for the rest of my life
How many songs will I sing in the same tune?
I will carry friendship in my head for the rest of my life
I will flow like a river in two on the same path.

Some friends like Tom and Jerry
They annoy each other naughty fight.
But cannot live without each other.

Some dreams of feeling good touches the mind.
Some stories to like make life red.
Some people like to be friends Roy.
Even if you want to forget, it is not like forgetting them.

You can never buy friendship.
You earn it
If anyone comes for help
Then you become a true friend.

Real friendships
Not tied to social media!
They are in the heart.

The biggest difference between friendship and roses is that
Roses last for a short time but friendship is eternal.

Failure also feels beautiful when there are friends beside.
Success can hurt too
When you can’t celebrate it with friends.

Don’t say no
If there is no love, let friendship live
Miss you friend.

Friend, you are yours
If I get in trouble then do it.
There is no river of happiness.
All the time, my friend, my news.

I am as I was friend next to you
You may have forgotten why are you thinking falsely ..
If I forgot you, would I text again?  

Friend, you are yours
If I get in trouble do it later.
The river of happiness is not the sand of sorrow.
All the time, my friend, my news

Friend you are so good
I came back to life
Forgot Aadhaar Black
The light of a friend like you shines in everyone’s life.

Call me a friend.
Can he forget you
As I was by your side I am still in love.

Best Friend Shayari In English

The mind is a flying bird flying.
While leaving, suddenly 1 man was seen.
I ask the mind?
What do you mean The mind says OK
Take your gun

“Maybe time will stop,
Maybe the sun will set,
Maybe no one will cry,
Don’t be afraid you won’t be alone
You will get it if you raise your hand
See your friend. ”

“Friend means late at night
Sudden telephone,
Friend means in the middle of words
The lost mind,
Friend means laughter joke
Winning, losing,
Friend means to shed tears
Silent shelter. ”

“The time to come is like the wind,
We are floating like a current.
A little sand, a little gravel,
The injury is on many minds.
When I forget everything,
When, I get friends like you. ”

“The color of the night is black,
The moon gives light.
The sky is blue,
They glistened in the water.
The color of the flower is red,
Our friendship
It will last forever. ”

“If the mind is a temple.
Who will be the priest,
If friends are after
Who will be yours? ”

“Make such friends in life
Like mirrors and shadows.
Because the mirror never lies
And the shadow never leaves. “

“Friend, how are you?
Wants to know
The frog of a thousand memories came
The mind builds a home.
Friends wherever you are
Be very kind.
If I remember reading
Deco by SMS ”

“Oh my bad friend
Sweet is his mind.
So all day long,
I miss it very much.
You are my bird,
The moon in the blue sky.
That’s why he remembers,
Morning, evening, night. ”

“Friend means playmate
Friend means anger.
Friend means happiness, sorrow
Equal equal share.
Friend means light smile.
A little water in the corner of the eye,
Friend means noon
Suddenly Misscall ”

“Money on purpose
Take it with you.
Willingly with you
Let’s talk a little.
Deliberately wandering heaven
From land.
If you want, you can join
Come on. ”

“The night is beautiful when the moon rises,
The day is beautiful when the sun rises,
The garden is beautiful when the flowers bloom,
And life is beautiful
A good one like you
If you have friends. ”

“Friend, I will give you the sky,
Debo flower garland,
You just remember
Me all day.
I will wipe away the tears
I’ll make you laugh,
That’s why I’m your friend
I love you so much. ”

“Between true friends and shadows.
There are many similarities.
Because, true friends are happy and sad
He stays by the side like a shadow. ”

I am as I was,
Beside you friend
You think I forgot,
Why do you think lies?
If i forgot you
So what else would I do SMS?

Sachi Dosti Shayari In English

Friends do not mean neglect,
You have to make friends,
Friend is the companion of happiness and sorrow,
Don’t keep friends who hurt you !!

Who will meet whom.
No one knows when,
Life will match with whom.
Yet there is a desire,
Finding friends like mind.

The color of the night is black, Josna gives light.
The sky took on color, they sparkled.
The color of the rose is red, our friendship will last forever.

You are my friend
The two have lived a thousand years of friendship.

A life is a story,
A mind is a temple of love,
A love is a golden dream,
A reunion means a celebration of happiness,
And a friend is the motivation to survive.

Some dreams of feeling good, touching,
Some stories to like, life turns red,
Some people like to be friends, Roy,
Even if you want to forget, it is not like forgetting him.

There is a mind inside the chest,
In your mind you
I want to be in your heart as a friend.

I saw the sky, I saw the river,
I saw many stars ..
Didn’t see who my real friend is on Facebook today!

Friend, if you are alone, call me,
I’ll talk to you all night,
If you’re in trouble
Give me share
I will share your pain,
Hand in hand

I want 1 flower like a rose.
I want 1 bird like a cuckoo.
I want some happiness like a dream,
And I want 1 gun like mind.

The friendship of the sun from morning to evening,
The friendship of the moon from evening to morning,
But my friendship from the beginning to the last breath!

Come in the morning, you
Dew particles ..
Come in the evening,
Blood clots ..
You burn at night,
Become a firefly ..
All your life you
Become my friend.

Friendship means understanding, not agreement.
Friendship means forgiving, not forgetting.

Friendship is like a guitar string.
Once the tuning is done,
Each plays an important role.

Without the sea,
What’s the use of edges?
If not fun,
What is the use of life?
Dedicated this life to friends,
What good is a life without friends?

Best Friend Shayari In English 2 Line

There are times in human life when
When I feel helpless.
Then the one who stands beside the selfless way,
He is a true “friend.”

The best way to have a good friend in life is,
Become an honest friend yourself.

When a stranger is close to you,
Then it seems that he is mixed with blood.
This is exactly what happens in a friendship.

Honestly, you may not get many friends,
But get to know your best friends.

Success gives us new friends,
But failure shows who is the real friend.

The difference is in whose thoughts,
Otherwise, friendship is nothing less than love.

“Nothing happened”
Even after listening,
“Hey, don’t tell me what happened.”
Everyone needs a friend to say the least.

Love means
I will not live without you.
Friendship means,
I won’t let anything happen to you.

Never let your friendship die for love.
Because at the end of life you will see friends stay with you,
Not love.

One thing must be said,
Because there were friends
Lots of hard moments
I was able to pass with a smile.

It’s really hard to find great friends,
It’s too hard to let him go,
And it is impossible to forget him.

True friends never let us down,
Not in anyone’s eyes, not in anyone’s feet.
Such friends have to be retained at any cost ..

Many friends come and go in life,
But those who remain are very expensive.

Friends show their love,
When we get in trouble.
Not when we are happy.
This is the true friendship.

Dear friends don’t apologize after a fight,
They only have each other until then
Stings until one laughs,
And that’s where all the fighting ends.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.”
That’s what friends say,
Gives courage to face big problems ..

That person is your true friend,
That makes your mistakes clear to you.
He is not the person to make you happy
Point out your mistakes.

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