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funny shayari in english

Looking for Funny English Shayari? Then you have opened the right post. Because in this post we have come up with 500+best Funny English Shayari to make you and your friends laugh. You can easily copy or download these Funny Shayari In English  and send them to your friends through WhatsApp.
Just as we need sleep to stay healthy, laughter plays an important role in keeping us healthy. In this post you will find many Funny Shayari that will bring smiles on the faces of your friends and family members.

Funny Shayari in English

“I heard on the road to love
Or there is a lot of pain !!
So I’m thinking on that street
He will open a drug store. ”

“The nearest road is far away,
If Keuna is with you.
The long way is very close,
If there is a mad dog in the back. ”

“Madam: The children say fish
Why can’t you talk?

Santu: -Madam if I.
Your head is in the water
Can you talk? ”

“Newton used to read, by candlelight.
Ishwar Chandra used to read, in the light of the lamp paste
Shakespeare was read by the torch.
The question is, what are they doing during the day? ”

“Sir: – Wear it with your mind, no
Will fail the test.

Hour: – What will be the defeat now?

Sir: – What happened to him?

Hour: – I have a lot of mind
I have already given one.

Sir: Someone hit me. ”

Kalu: Grandpa, a new comb
Day, old age
A thorn is broken.
Shopkeeper: – A thorn
It’s broken again
Why buy a new comb?
That’s where the hair falls out
Can be taken.
Kalu: Oh no, that’s it, grandpa
It was the last thorn in the side of the comb. ”

“Girls smile, their clothes are glass
And can be seen in the middle of the dishes
Only in TV commercials. ”

“Mother: The children of the house next door
Look at Gulake,
Seeing them, I learned something.

I: – Do they see me?
I bought and went to see them.
** Flying Slippers Coming to Me ** ”

“Formalin in fish,
From frying meat,
Eggs, rice plastic.
Phenyl soap in milk,
All is going to be digested relentlessly.
Like yourself
God is God. ”

“Police: – You will be hanged tomorrow.

Defendant: – But sir, I was hanged
It’s been a month
It was supposed to happen later.

Police: – Mr. District
Are you like his village,
Your job is before
He asked me to do it. ”

“I am very calm and polite.
Just for lack of witnesses
I can’t prove it. “

“Even if I make love from now on
Darkness must be linked.
So that no one has more than one
Can’t love. ”

Husband: All the valuables in the house soon
Hide! Some of my friends
Coming home.

Wife: – Why? What are your friends?

Husband: No. Will recognize their own things. “

“I am a thief! My father is a thief!
My grandfather is a thief!
My thieves!
My 14 group thieves!

Hey fool, read slowly.
People will beat you when they hear you !! ”

“Where there is love, there is love.
Where there is love, there is love.
Where there is love, there is pain.
And where the pain is,

That’s where Tiger Balm ointment is. “

Friendship Funny Shayari in English

“Not from the Himalayas.
Not even from that distant sky.
Seven seas 13 rivers
Not from the other side.
From the bottom of my heart,

The vision is getting cold! ”

“This SMS …
The one who reads it is a goat
If not, crazy
Share fox
If not, the cat
Forward rat
If you reply, monkey. ”

Son: – We are 25 brothers and sisters.

Girl: What family is in your house
People did not come from the Planning Commission !!

Boy: – He came!
I went back to primary school thinking! ”

“When the moon smiles, it falls freely.
When the sun smiles, gold falls
When the heart smiles, happiness falls

You smile, wearing red !!
Wipe your face !!! ”

“A photo of you soon
Send by Whatsapp.
Very urgent
I don’t know if we’re playing cards, Jokerita
Where did I get lost !! ”

“Raise your hands and ask for the sky,
Think of yourself as a bird.
Jochna wants to drink the moon at night,
You will feel yourself.
You want to drink the green grass of the soil,

You will feel like a goat. ”

“You know what,
Where is the similarity between the forehead and the lungi?
Both can be opened at any time !!
Poush month when the forehead is opened,
And if you open your lungi, you will be defeated. ”

“I am a thief! My father is a thief!
My grandfather is a thief!
My thieves!
My 14 group thieves!

Hey fool, read slowly.
People will beat you when they hear you !! ”

“Dad: – His phone is locked
Open it.
I: – Fingerprint
I forgot the time. ”

“These brothers are listening,
Baby monkeys,
Donkey kids,
The fox cubs

If in the room,
But no ointment
Do you know?
I don’t know either. ”

“I saw you dressed as Fagunero,
I saw you in a dream,
By the pond, by the lake,
I saw your two long legs,

You’re my favorite black frog! ”

“Son: – We are 25 brothers and sisters.

Girl: What family is in your house
People did not come from the Planning Commission !!

Boy: – He came!
I went back to primary school thinking! ”

Jhalamuri with 5 rupees
Bought 4 friends
After feeding.
How rich you are
Think big.

Having a relationship with the phone
Then breakup with TV
Because with two boats on foot
I do not have the nature to walk.

Class Six-Seven
Boys and girls are losing their minds today,
Losing love
And I was empty at school at that time
I would lose the pen.

Jokes Shayari in English

I: – How long is the life of a dog?
Best Friend: – This is 10 to 12 years,
I: – Then how are you still alive!

Love comes in everyone’s life
It also came into my life
I was not at home then.

Think of yourself as a lover by making love on Facebook,
And drinking water and feeling drunk is the same thing.

Today I took two oaths: –
1: – I will not look at the next girl.
2: – I will not think of any girl later.

At Ex’s wedding, I’ll come with an empty gift box.
Then he will understand what is called deception !!

Sometimes own
Looking at the phone
There is a lot of love for him.
I used to leave this world with food
He has no one else!

Boyfriend: – Sends a photo without your make-up.
Girlfriend: – Why, what will happen with photos without make-up?
Boyfriend: – The younger brother does not want to sleep, I will show a little fear.

Mother: – Why do you sleep all day after sleeping for so long?
I: – I get tired of sleeping,
So no rest.

If no one comes to hear your call,
Then if you call straight account, you will not go

Police: Oh brother! What’s outside?
I: – I am a media person.
Police: – Which media?
I: – Social media.
Then I said where the dander bars did not fall.

Police: – You will be hanged tomorrow.
Defendant: – But sir, my execution was supposed to take place a month later.
Police: – The district magistrate said that you are the lake of his village,
He told me to do your job first.

Comedy Shayari in English

A girl was lying unconscious on the street Going closer, I saw the bastard doing tik tok

 Grandpa will know a little before being proud of his girlfriend, but he is just my friend

 The moon is rising over the head of the bamboo garden. In that life I just ate the bamboo. Where did the moon go?

 Signs of love called extra brother

 As big as the girls are when they eat Fuchka, not only Fuchka but also the Titanic ship can enter it.

If you don’t give GF password, you will understand that it is adulterated, and if you don’t, you will understand that there is another ID.

 When the daughter is of marriageable age, the BF thinks more than the father.

 Kill him as Uncle instead of injuring him as brother.

 I still can’t inflate the balloon! How to inflate the wife’s stomach!

 Think every day before going to sleep. Anyway, another day to get married.

 The real husband is the one who sees the suffering of his wife and brings another wife into the house.

 I haven’t seen the real man, but I have seen a man with a son-in-law arguing with his wife.

 I bought a new SIM and sent an SMS to my father’s number – marry your son on time.

 I will not marry without sister-in-law. Because my friends also have hawks.

 The rate at which girls are looking for a decent boy, I am afraid I will be kidnapped one day.

 Thousands of thin girls are living with the dream of getting fat after marriage.

 In the crowd of thousands of babu, gold, form, copper, iron, zinc I am a helpless plastic.

 Birth, death, marriage are all in the hands of God, love in the middle is in the hands of Petni.

 Mao, the untouchable girl of four children, is giving her Facebook ID name.

 I’m thinking of getting married! Mother can not fight alone with the aunt next door!

2 Line Funny Shayari in English

 There are so many things in the world that are viral, but I’m single, why isn’t it viral, life is a big pain.

 It is the responsibility and duty of every #justfriend to be firmly committed to embracing in any situation

 Whether the hobby of decorating a wife is louder than the hobby of marriage of girls

 I just got two girlfriends by luck, one was mental and the other was sentimental.

 I am not afraid of money as long as I have two kidneys in my stomach

 Nowadays people are so conscious and clever that they think of acting as truth, they think acting as truth

 You can’t be a boy just by wearing boys’ shirts and pants. If you want to be a boy, Nunu looks crazy

The son-in-law will caress the girl who has this sesame in her milk

 Fateful dream did not come true or I would have become the father of many children

 No matter how busy a Bengali is, if he sees a fight on the street, he will stop

 If your mother is happy after cutting your hair, then you will understand that you are feeling stupid

 The story ends after the marriage in the movie .. and in real life the movie starts after the marriage.

 The name of the middle class student is to come with a margin on all the pages even though he knows that the examination book will not end.

 Brother Ray Brother girls don’t believe anymore, just after kissing they say I am going to be a mother.

Cows and goats do not seem to eat as much grass as girls eat.

 Boys are smart before adolescence, and girls are smart after marriage by getting husband’s mone

 Boys are smart before adolescence, and girls are smart after marriage by getting husband’s money.

 I am surprised to think that I will get married one day.

 Maida you blessed girls are happy today just for you

 The person’s name was Swapan Ghosh coming on the voter ID card

Funny english shayari for friends

At the age of love
The result will be bad. “

Call and come online!
There is no one to say,
That’s why I’m always online. “

Bengalis do not trust anyone
Even calling sleeping people
‘Are you sleeping? “

Just open the beauty parlor once,
The girls will explain too
How to make the economy stand still

Before me
I would easily believe everyone,
And now I am
Owns a huge bamboo garden

Tigers in life, not lions
Try to be Arshola
Then the wife will be afraid


If you are asleep, send a dream,

If you are awake, send thoughts,

If you are crying, send tears.

Boy: Do you want to send me to the toilet?

Bolt: Are you arguing with your wife?

Paltu: Yes, I do. But every time at the end of the fight he came and knelt down and sat in front of me.

Bolt: What do you say! Then?

Paltu: Then he bowed his head and said, ‘Get out of bed. I will not kill again. ‘

First friend: You know, everyone in our house sings in the bathroom!

Second friend: What do you say, sa-ba-e?

First friend: Everyone, up to the servants.

Second friend: Then you are all very fans of the song!

First friend: Door-ra-ra, that’s not it, in fact our bathroom latch is broken, so!

Tanmoy: What is your younger brother doing now?

Rafi: I opened a clothes shop a few days ago, now I am in jail.

Tanmoy: Why?

Rafi: Because he opened the shop with a hammer and broke that door!

Badu: What are you doing nowadays?

Kadu: I am trying to do business in an honest way.

Badu: Then your business is exclusive.

Pumpkin: You mean?

Badu: There is no one else in that line except you!

Beggar: Ma’am! Give me two alms, mother.

Homeowner: There are no people in the house, go.

Beggar: It would be great if you were human for a minute!

Pachada told Banta, a new employee of his shop, “I am coming from home, I will not return any customer. If what you want is not in the store, I will tell you something from another company to continue like today, I will bring it tomorrow ”.

Customer: Brother, do you have toilet paper?

Banta: No, Grandpa, there is shirish paper, continue like today, I will bring it tomorrow.

Bolt: Shall I give you a kiss?

Girl: No!

Bolt: – Just a kiss?

Girl: Not as I said!

Bolt: – pls do a kiss?

Girl: – This shit

Am I your sir ?? I have to take that permission! I can’t force it. Myrala Maier.

Brother, how many girlfriends do you have?

– One shot.

– What brother, one shot?

– Yes, brother. Heti said, Heti alone one hundred!

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