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Social sites have played a very important role in our daily lives. During the day’s work, we see who posted what or who shared what from their own account. So it is very important for us to share some short articles or status to keep ourselves updated with everyone. You may find English Facebook Status or English What’s app Status or English Status or English Status For Facebook & What’s app on the internet.So this post has some special writing that you might like. And when you post these posts on Facebook status or WhatsApp status, it will make your personality flourish effortlessly.

English status allows people to express themselves easily. Often people feel uncomfortable while giving status in English When you give your status for WhatsApp in English it is as if you are becoming true to yourself.

Love Status In English

There should be at least one person ️ in everyone’s life who loves and cares for us with a true heart .
Some people love someone so much, they just can’t express their love.
I don’t know what this heart has to do with you .. may forget to kill but not your name.
The relationship is not revealed far or near.
I don’t know the meaning of love, but when I see you my heart starts beating.
Let the whole world be angry, I have no pain, only your silence … has hurt me.
Love Status In English
Do not ever leave the one who cries for you, because only those who are lucky get such lovers.
Not like that, I want to be infinite and countless … I want you … your time … and your love …
You have to meet before you separate, you have to get before you lose and you have to be with before you kill.
Love is so strange, no matter how much it hurts, but it brings peace
I think I’ll settle in your eyes ️, Let me save you from the eyes of others, Don’t take the sawdust anywhere from me, Come let me hide you in my heartbeat..
love Status In English
Why does someone fall in love so much! Even waiting for a moment becomes difficult. Looks like you are different! And turn to a stranger.
I often laugh when I hear your name in anger, if you are so in love with your name think about how long you will be.
Whether I met you or not is another matter, I shouldn’t even try, it’s a wrong thing.
I wanted happiness, I took it from God, I didn’t get you.
Not the house, the whole village will be decorated, while your name will follow our name.
One is my only love …. your Tantricism from above.

Best Love Status In English

Love Status In English
What color does life show, what a lot of coincidences happen, love doesn’t have age, but there is love in every age.
People nowadays ask me the secret of my happiness, if you allow me, tell me your name.
I am not told how much I love you, just knowing that I cannot live without you.
That green light when you come online, I think it’s more beautiful than the moon. 
The sea of ​​feelings comes to the heart as soon as your answer arrives within a minute.
Always keep smiling in the path of life, because Sad hearts get sympathizers , not humsafar .
You drive yourself crazy then say you’re crazy.
New Love status In english
Do you know what qualities they have and what we lack, they cannot accept us and we have them. Can’t forget.
To be with you at every moment of life, even if you are far away, always close to your heart.
Keep showing you, stay out of sight, not out of heart.
Some must have thought that fate thought of you for me, otherwise why do you fall in love with such a big world?
How fast life passes, thirst is not quenched, rain goes away, your memory comes like this, can’t sleep but the night is gone.
A true relationship is like a good book, even though it gets old, the words don’t change.
People die in Surat city, sir, I love your voice too.

New Love Status In English

Best Love status In English
The relationship of the heart has no name, it is believed that it has no consequences, if both parties have a desire to fulfill it, then any relationship fails by swearing. 
You can’t set the limits of our love, our breath may end but love doesn’t.
Her every mistake is forgiven from my heart, when she laughs and asks, are you angry?
The love of destiny, the friendship of the poor never deceives.
Tears come to the eyes but smiles have to be brought to the lips, what is this love, friends have to hide it from what they do.

Love Status For Girlfriend

Love Status For Girlfriend
If I see you, it blooms like a flower all day long, just hearing your voice, I don’t know why the heart is calm.
No matter how much I do for you, not enough, you taught me to smile again.
I had tears in your eyes, in a moment I fell in love with life.
Just give me some hope that you love me too, then wait, we’ll do it for the rest of our lives.
Listen, you are completely ours, you are our most beloved in this world.
May the picture on the wall of my heart be yours and my luck in my hands.
Only those who love with the body, not with the body, can wait in love.
Best Love Status For Girlfriend
I’m waiting in your eyes, so show me, if you have love too, tell me openly
Listen to the heartbeat that pushes you to meet every moment.
The most precious thing in the world to boys is the smile of girls.
Survive every moment, before it passes … Memories come back, not time
Relationships should be with the heart, not with words, annoyance should be in words, not in the heart.
I’m not used to looking at me. If you see me, I thought, let me see you one more time.
I don’t remember telling my heart right now, just understand it, words are less love.

Best Love Status For Girlfriend

Love Status For Girlfriend
If you love, do it not by looking at someone’s face, but by looking at that person’s heart.
I want to keep you hidden in my mind, because this world is so bad.
The man cries for why he doesn’t know love.
You are the one who is in everyone’s eyes, there is one among me whose every appearance, I am the only and only you.
If there is love, it will have an effect, as much as it is here, it will happen there.
I don’t know what mask you need for your beauty, who would have known after seeing you
No need to praise you, I have chosen you out of millions.
Best Love Status For Girlfriend
Your love was never considered a game, otherwise I played so many games that I never lost.
I stay up all night for someone … who doesn’t even remember me in broad daylight.
It’s very painful, it takes a little bit of attention to eat the prison of your memories, then it shakes the whole discipline.
It was a very nice moment when he said I love you and will always be with you.
Only when we leave ourselves do we know how much we love them.
This person with you is acceptable to me in every way, so that the memory can be fragrant, it can be sad.
I got heaven when you gave me a place in your arms.

Best Love Status For Girlfriend

New Love Status For Girlfriend
Your beautiful eyes are so captivating that we chose only you after neutralizing everyone.
You’re making me laugh! You are there as a reason, not right in life! But my life
We’ve heard a lot since the time you praised your eyes, every time I opened my eyes, love happened to millions of people.
Everyone wants you to be with me, I want you to be with me
You have millions of sweet tunes, but I think you are talking to others.
Today that moment is beautiful again, only your face in my heart.
You were in the sky, we saw the moon in the window ..
I will stick your dreams like a snake, come on, you too go away like poison in me ..

Love Status For Boyfriend

Best Love Status For Boyfriend
I hope you ever hug me out loud and say, why are you scared, I’m just yours.
Every moment of life is a prayer that everyone should just be with you.
The happiest thing of the whole day is when I talk to you.
When is the best feeling in the world, I get angry with him and he came to explain to me.
If you want me not to be “sorry”, then please don’t get angry with me.
One thing, sometimes you find very dense people in unknown paths.
Love Status For Boyfriend
Never leave someone who cried for you because those who are lucky only get this kind of “boyfriend.
Amazing people who are only there by your ‘voice’, guess your happiness and indifference.
We can’t be angry with you for long if we want to. Because in my suite_mila, only my life is settled.
We can’t be angry with you for long if we want to. Because in my suite_mila, only my life is settled.
Everyone should have people who can handle your every mood.
We get “angry” at the thought of being separated from you, we know how much we want you.

Love Status For Boyfriend

Best Love Status For Boyfriend
You don’t have to look for excuses to smile anymore, your name just smiles.
Let me tell you something, don’t be angry. I can die without you but can’t live.
I felt it in my chest, you have to say it, I’m only yours .. and now you have to stay.
 When love happened, how it happened .. I don’t know anything. I know a lot has happened to you, yours and it will stay with you.
Listen baby .. I want to say one thing from my heart, I want to come to your house as your mother’s daughter-in-law.
Think before you make love, now think about how to explain it to him, then the conspiracy has been made,” he said.
Love Status For Boyfriend
The only relationship with him is that I can’t sleep all night if he’s in trouble.
You don’t need to be in love, it’s important to have love all your life.
When you smile, the life that was closed is going on again.
If you talk to me so much, it won’t take long to transform this friendship into love.
People express love by keeping an eye on them, we just lower our eyelids when we hear your name.
There is also a very strange story of love in the locality, the whole world is in the middle of the distance between the two houses.Glue doesn’t make you smile, age doesn’t make you cry, sleep comes, so your memory doesn’t make you sleep.

New Love Status For Boyfriend

Top Love Status For Boyfriend
Everyone should have at least one person in their life who truly loves and cares for us.
I have seen your truth, O heart, you care about me and you care about someone else.
I don’t know what my future holds but I believe you are in it.
Trust me without uncertainty, accept me without limits. I love you.
It can be hard to wait for the right person in your life, especially when the wrong people are so beautiful!
No person is perfect, but you think it’s too scary.
next Love Status for Boyfriend
Even today it is submerged, love from that crack, which is made from breaking and wanting you.
I love seeing you happy and showing your smile is my greatest gift.
A true lover never hurts a girlfriend.
Whatever the reality or dream, each of his styles is very beautiful, they live near the lucky ones, I have only one sweet memory in them.
Sometimes the sound, sometimes the fragrance, sometimes the light, the news of your arrival comes to me from afar.
My journey is good but my partner is better.

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