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romantic quotes in english

When you love someone, you want to find ways to show them as much as possible. But sometimes, just saying “I love you” isn’t enough. After all, three little words about how you say it to your partner on a regular basis – can you really capture the depth and meaning of what you’re feeling for them?

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You want to say exactly what you feel, but how do you convey your feelings from the heart? Find the best love status ever with our 100+ quotes and messages!

In lieu of your standard “I love you” text, consider sending that person one of the romantic quotes below or DM them a love quote they found on Instagram. It’s a fun way to switch things up and fan those romantic flames even more.

Romantic Quotes In English

I’ll bring a rainbow if you want color  If you want canvas I will bring blue sky  If you want proof of friendship, I will give my life And if you want to forget, I’ll break 32 teeth.
Can’t find anyone’s mind, I’ll find your mind. Don’t hold anyone’s hand, I’ll hold your hand. Didn’t walk with anyone, I’ll walk with you. It’s better not to disappoint anyone, say I love you.
Don’t give emotional love to anyone, give me love because, The love of passion will one day be lost to conscience, And the love of the mind will last forever.
You are the queen of beauty, the light of two eyes. I’m with you all my life i’m in love You are my nightmare beautiful bird. How am i without you friend.
I love you I say many times. If I don’t Will you So who are you.
Ogo Priya leaving you Where am I going? I am your eternal companion Where else can I get it.
Romantic Quotes In English
Night comes at the end of the day Dawn at the end of the night !! When will I see you? Find out the direction.
When you smile Sit on my call !! I am full of affection for you I will kiss your cheek.
I will live well with you As you live !! If not finally The day will pass by accident.
How much fun there is in love Tell me, can I see you? No one is anywhere Only you and me.
I will be swept away by the wave of love Where to take You and I are the only ones I’ll be sitting there.
To you Time flies !! You’re wasting time You know what.
Let’s go in the evening Sitting alone I don’t know what to do I’ll see you.

Best Romantic Quotes In English

Best Romantic Quotes In English
Lots of friends found How many partners are there? Everyone can live well How many minds.
You’re better than me I will love Ogo Priya for this Don’t worry.
Stay as you are Don’t go away The original mind with you Don’t break it.
Why the flowers bloomed If the storm Why did you sit well? If you go away.
Or I got it from you There is nothing sad With the dream of love 7 fills the heart.
Thank you for getting me I don’t want anything else To the tune of love My heart is full.
New Romantic Quotes In English
Crowds of people Roy sat down over the path People of the mind find pain Who to talk to.
I am asking God for your happiness, I am asking for your laughter in prayer, I am wondering what I want from you, I am asking you for love for the rest of my life.
I want a friend like that !! Even if you can’t laugh Don’t cry !! Even if you don’t give flowers on the way Don’t give thorns !! Even if hidden Never forget.
No matter how far I go I’m by your side Look at the sky If sleep does not come Get me closer You raise your handm If not You will know that I am no more that day.
The wind is blowing in the air Earrings are swaying You do it to me If I’m wrong .
Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! I feel ashamed, Let me write you a letter Remember everything, soul.

Romantic Quotation in English

Best New Romantic Quotes In English
The sun knows the moon is beautiful The moon knows they are beautiful They know the world is beautiful But I know you are beautiful.
The day when your letter Come to me !! As if at hand Sarga came down.
When I receive your letter I think the place comes !! Then I love I understand, soul .
No stubbornness, no pride, just the desire to have you. If love is to blame, I am to blame, whatever the punishment, I agree.
I don’t want heaven, because I got you. I don’t want to dream, because you are my dream. 
I have no right to your love, but my heart says I can wait for you all my life.
New Best Romantic Quotes In English
Ask for everything with love, ask for my laughter when you are angry, never deceive me with just one word, then ask for my life.
Let us walk the path of life together. We’ll share whatever you need along the way.
It is very easy to push someone away in love, love someone from afar, but you will understand what love is.
If anyone remembers you every day, after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, you will understand that you are very special to him.
Your letter When I get it Looks like me No one is happy.
The love you have for someone will give you strength, and the love you have for someone will give you courage.

Best Romantic Quotation in English

New Best Quotes In English
I gave you so many letters If not, I will answer To deceive in such a way What is the meeting of the boys?
I mixed it in the language of the letter The language of love After understanding the letter My love.
If you understand the language of the letter You are in trouble Get to know the mind What language is needed.
In your mind alone at home Sitting on the third floor I am writing you a letter With pen in hand.
Your light-colored face, Sweet color smile… .. Honestly, I love you.
One drop Also because of the dew There could be flooding If the nest is ants …
Romantic Quotes In English
How nice it is to hear this, when someone, even after being very busy, says, ‘You need something more important in my life. 
Even with a pinch of love Happiness is found If that love is true.
All I need is one thing to ease all the hardships of life, and that is your sweet smile.
Birds nest with vines, And people with obstacles in love.
Maybe to the earth You are nothing But to someone You are his world.
Rather than love, There is more joy in giving love. 

Love Romantic Quotes In English​

Love Romantic Quotes In English
A little water like gold Jewelry is not strong without mixing, With such love If you do not mix a little devotion and respect That love does not last long..
When you understand before I say anything, I feel a little too much love for you.
Waiting for his turn, My night is over. Your unfamiliar look, It wakes me up.
Love is the madness of emotion, Love is a bit naughty. 
How beautiful the world becomes when someone says, ‘I remember you very well.
I don’t know if you’re in luck, But I was in my heart and I will stay.
Best Love Romantic Quotes In English
Love is hard for you, It cannot be understood without wearing love. Love is hard for you Life without love It can’t be felt. 
Learn to love, Learn to love, Then in your life There will be no lack of love. 
A true lover Hundreds don’t love girls, Rather, she is a girl There are hundreds of ways to love..
No matter how arrogant you are, my love for you will never diminish. I will never have a life partner like you. 
Never the first shows Love is not What happens is to feel good. And with that feel good If you think, love is created. 
Silver in the tree of gold, Don’t forget my words. How many days will there be money? Love will last forever.

Best Love Romantic Quotes In English​

New Love Romantic Quotes In English
Girls who fall in love for the first time, Even if you hate him, you can’t forget. You will see clear water falling on the paper Even when it dries, it leaves scars. 
Love means passion Controlled by the heart An inner feeling, Which is just-just love In front of people Or expressed in behavior. 
You smile for him, Who cries for you, You lose for him, That wins for you, You are him for life Love,That makes you yours Loves more than.
Don’t give anyone emotional love, Give love to the mind. Because the love of passion One day to conscience Will lose, and the mind Love will last forever. 
Even because of a drop of dew There could be a flood, If the nest is ants. So a pinch of love With and happiness is foundIf that love is genuine.
To get someone’s love Don’t waste your life, Who loves his life before, Establish your life Thousands will see one day People will love you. 
best New Love Romantic Quotes In English
If you live well, I’ll give you light like the moon, If you think of me as your own, As the river gives estuary, so I am your likeness.
I dream of you, As much as I hope for you, I gave you my heart’s love.
True love is much like a ghost. Everyone talks about it, but only a few see it. 
It is possible to survive without love on earth, But you can’t survive without feeling good.
Boys get more emotional when it comes to love, As a result, the boys have to suffer more.
 Close your eyes Do you see darkness? Without you This is my life. I love you.

New Love Romantic Quotes In English​

New best Love Romantic Quotes In English
No matter how good I look, I don’t take my eyes off it. The mind does not mean to go away from me.I love you so much, you don’t understand.
Crazy my mobile is asleep so quiet, I wake up at night to watch this end of the cell phone, If he only knew.
You are the light of my darkness Sweet Jura earrings The sun-drenched morning freezes You better live with me.
From a few, a few clouds, There is light, light rain. From short, short stories, Love is created. Sometimes, if you call, The relationship is sweet.
Love, come to sleep Come to me I know I am in the tide of your love Went floating.
Arrogance can only be directed at him, Who can be loved the most.
best New Love Romantic Quotes In English
As much happiness as the world, as much love, I’ll give you everything, one hope, Don’t forget me I love you.
Love is like a cigarette, Which begins with fire, And the end result is ashes.
Some night dreams, some memory troubles, s sometimes emotional, some words of the heart, Some people’s minds, some love forever.
Love you i’ll fall in love I will find a hope in your mind.
Love is an ideal thing anymore Marriage is real. The conflict between ideology and reality will never be resolved.
Do you know my biggest enemy? My greatest enemy is my heart, It’s my vibe just for you.

Latest Love Romantic Quotes In English​

best Love Romantic Quotes In English
Love is a relative thing for someone It brings happiness to the heavens and drives some to the sea of ​​sorrow.
I say with love, You don’t know love With another girl, however, Why did Anagona.
A true lover does not love hundreds of girls, Instead, he loves a girl in hundreds of ways.
Friendship often ends in love But there is never love in friendship.
The love that is not found, Who couldn’t love, There is no one in the world as miserable as him
Love is like a cigarette, The jar begins with the fire and ends with the shadow. 
Love Romantic Quotes In English
 Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intellect, And the second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
Learn to love, learn to love then There will be no lack of love in your life. 
The one who didn’t get love, the one who couldn’t love There is no one in the world as miserable as him.
Love is an ideal thing and marriage is real. The conflict between ideology and reality will never be resolved.
Survival in this world without loved ones ,It is difficult but not impossible
If someone loves you and you make him cry Then remember that one day you will love one another,And that man will surely make you cry.

Love Romantic Quotes In English​

New Love Romantic Quotes In english
There is no need to tie the love thing any day! You have to fly in the open sky! He can match himself with a lot of space. 
There is no short way to forget someone very close. He will be remembered every day and the memories will bother him.
Some friendships are ruined because of love. Some love becomes a sacrifice for friendship.
Remember your wait for someone Only then will you be aware of it Will get your response. 
Until you are completely alone. Just until you find your loved one, You can’t feel 100%.
No special moment is required for love. All that is needed is two people with a clear mind like water, Those who will understand the unspoken words of each other in an instant.
Do not go to teach love to him who does not understand love, Because he will learn to love you, but will love someone else, And you will suffer in a silent way. 
 takes no time to love someone, A beautiful moment is enough for love.

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