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Romantic Status In English

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The best and worst thing about love is that it cannot be expressed in words. So when you fall in love with someone from the heart, it becomes a little harder to express it through words. Maybe that’s what real love is all about. In this case, englishsms will help you to find the best love status to express your love. With our best english love status given on this page, you can easily express your feelings to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You want to say exactly what you feel, but how do you convey your feelings from the heart? Find the best love status ever with our 100+ quotes and messages!

Romantic Status In English

If no one understands the value of your love, don’t consider yourself helpless. Life is not so trivial.  
Without the support of the woman I love, I feel that it is beyond my power to perform and fulfill my duties as a king. 
Love is a relative thing, for some it brings heavenly happiness, while for others it floats them in a sea of ​​sorrow.
When a man loves a woman, he can do everything for her, you can’t fall in love with her 
If you love someone, leave him alone. If he came back to you, he was yours and if he didn’t come back, he was never yours  
There is no such thing as second, third, fourth, fifth love. When people fall in love, every love is the first love 
Romantic Status In English
Jewelry does not become strong by not mixing a little water with gold, like devotion with a little respect and love, that love doesn’t last long 
Love is an ideal thing and marriage is real. In Goethe the conflict between ideals and reality will never be resolved.
The song of Milin plays in the love of women, the pain of separation in the love of men  
Boy and girl can be friends, but they should love each other. Maybe for a very short time, or at the wrong time. Or it’s too late, or not forever. But they will fall in love 
Girls have a third eye. With these eyes he quickly understood about falling in love  
There is a kind of weakness in loving someone deeply. The feeling that we have ‘run out gas’ emotionally. This case makes itself small  

Best Romantic Status In English

Best Romantic Status In English
While working in true love, boys do not know when they fall in love, they do not know when girls start acting in true love  
The happiness of love is for a short time but the pain lasts for a lifetime. Healthy Rabindranath Tagore.
Man, the sky will give you a garland of flowers, you just remember me all day. I’ll wipe the tears from your eyes and smile at you, that’s why I love you so much, my friend.
The net that is woven with the thread of love. I will always keep you tied to that net.
Whoever finds true love, even after being insulted, he feels very sad, he cannot be forgotten 
Covered in winter, standing in the fog, raising both hands, if the mind is enthralled by the cool touch of dew, do not think that I am with you all the time.
New Romantic Status In English
How much love I have got from you. The naughty mind wants to get more, don’t know what is in you, why this mind wants to come closer to you.
One whose heart is as hard as a stone, love him in life. Because once you can plant a flower on that stone, that flower will only bless you and not anyone else.
I’m looking for you in the rush of busy streets” When I finally got home, I found you back among me.
I miss you so much I will give you a red rose. I will talk in the dream. I will open my words. There are as many words as there are minds. I will say that I love you. Both will be together.
I love the smile on your face. You are my love, the light of existence. There is a kingdom like a king, you are mine. Without you my life is just a desert.
There was an intricacy in my love, there was an intricacy, love left me in my heart, you left me, you left me.

New Romantic Status In English

Best New Romantic Status In English
Those who can call love as love, that love too, those who love in heart love very much because the mind speaks a hundred times more than the mouth.” Share.
Love is to have a picture of someone in one’s mind, to care for him, to evaluate him, to protect his honor, to fall in love.
I feel that it is only me and only you and the eerie silence of the sky. How long have I uttered half-hearted words in the ears of the lonely traveling star of the night.
I think it’s a lot bigger than always saying love to a man of love.
I want to tell you, there is no one more dear than you. I just love you, I want to love from birth to birth.
normal hand writing suit | Friend, I am very lonely Josna Makha in the village of the moon, my vision is empty, fill in the blanks, give me some sleep
New Best Romantic Status In English
If you live well, I will give you light like the moon, If you consider me yours, I will be like your mind, Like the mouth of the river, Your e I am your resemblance.
Do not give emotional love to anyone, give love to the mind! Because the love of feelings will one day be lost to conscience and the love of mind will last forever.
If you love someone infinitely, it is never ending because there is no end to unlimited love. It never ends. It just grows.
There were as many flowers in my mind’s eyes in the morning of life. Today I see that I wish it was not a flower, everything goes wrong in life.
Some difficulties are too great to be tolerated Some pain is so infinite that it cannot be held in the chest Some people are so close to what is lost for them Never forget.
Love is the desire to see someone, the mind becomes restless, his thoughts remain awake, he spends his happiness in the middle and smiles a little and the most important thing is love, to be with him for life.

Latest Romantic Status In English

Latest Romantic Status In English
I only love him, holding his hand in the belief. Don’t dream about him, fulfill your dreams. It’s not love to walk miles, or wait for someone for hours on end.
I’ll bring a rainbow if you want color  If you want canvas I will bring blue sky  If you want proof of friendship, I will give my life And if you want to forget, I’ll break 32 teeth.
Don’t give emotional love to anyone, give me love because, The love of passion will one day be lost to conscience, And the love of the mind will last forever.
Ogo Priya leaving you Where am I going? I am your eternal companion Where else can I get it.
I will live well with you As you live !! If not finally The day will pass by accident.
How much fun there is in love Tell me, can I see you? No one is anywhere Only you and me.
Best Latest Romantic Status In English
The sun knows the moon is beautiful The moon knows they are beautiful They know the world is beautiful But I know you are beautiful.
I will be swept away by the wave of love Where to take You and I are the only ones I’ll be sitting there.
 Lots of friends found How many partners are there? Everyone can live well How many minds.
Why the flowers bloomed If the storm Why did you sit well? If you go away.
Thank you for getting me I don’t want anything else To the tune of love My heart is full.
The day when your letter Come to me !! As if at hand Sarga came down.

New Latest Romantic Status In English

Latest New Romantic Status In English
I want a friend like that !! Even if you can’t laugh Don’t cry !! Even if you don’t give flowers on the way Don’t give thorns !! Even if hidden Never forget.
No stubbornness, no pride, just the desire to have you. If love is to blame, I am to blame, whatever the punishment, I agree.
I don’t want heaven, because I got you. I don’t want to dream, because you are my dream. 
Let us walk the path of life together. We’ll share whatever you need along the way.
If anyone remembers you every day, after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, you will understand that you are very special to him.
The love you have for someone will give you strength, and the love you have for someone will give you courage.
Best New Latest Romantic Status In English
How nice it is to hear this, when someone, even after being very busy, says, ‘You need something more important in my life. 
I mixed it in the language of the letter The language of love After understanding the letter My love.
All I need is one thing to ease all the hardships of life, and that is your sweet smile.
In your mind alone at home Sitting on the third floor I am writing you a letter With pen in hand.
When you understand before I say anything, I feel a little too much love for you.
How beautiful the world becomes when someone says, ‘I remember you very well.
Romantic Status In English
A little water like gold Jewelry is not strong without mixing, With such love If you do not mix a little devotion and respect That love does not last long. 
No matter how arrogant you are, my love for you will never diminish. I will never have a life partner like you. 
You smile for him, Who cries for you, You lose for him, That wins for you, You are him for life Love,That makes you yours Loves more than.
To get someone’s love Don’t waste your life, Who loves his life before, Establish your life Thousands will see one day People will love you. 
True love is much like a ghost. Everyone talks about it, but only a few see it. 
Boys get more emotional when it comes to love, As a result, the boys have to suffer more.
Best Romantic Status In English
Some night dreams, some memory troubles, s sometimes emotional, some words of the heart, Some people’s minds, some love forever.
You are the light of my darkness Sweet Jura earrings The sun-drenched morning freezes You better live with me.
As much happiness as the world, as much love, I’ll give you everything, one hope, Don’t forget me I love you.
Love is an ideal thing anymore Marriage is real. The conflict between ideology and reality will never be resolved.
I say with love, You don’t know love With another girl, however, Why did Anagona.
A true lover does not love hundreds of girls, Instead, he loves a girl in hundreds of ways.

Romantic Status In English

New Romantic Status In English
If someone loves you and you make him cry Then remember that one day you will love one another,And that man will surely make you cry.
Love is a relative thing for someone It brings happiness to the heavens and drives some to the sea of ​​sorrow.
Leyron is greedy, Leyron is greedyb There will be no luck of love in your life.
Love is an ideal thing and marriage is real. The conflict between ideology and reality will never be resolved.
There is no short way to forget someone very close. He will be remembered every day and the memories will bother him. 
No special moment is required for love. All that is needed is two people with a clear mind like water, Those who will understand the unspoken words of each other in an instant.
Do not go to teach love to him who does not understand love, Because he will learn to love you, but will love someone else, And you will suffer in a silent way. 

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