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sad status in english
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Grief is the deepest feeling in our lives that has the power to break us from within. There are many reasons in this world that can make us sad. Sharing those sad feelings with friends on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram makes our minds lighter. Friends, today we have brought for you 100+english sad status and english emotional status full of sorrow.
Life is like a flowing river, just as there is a bend in the river, so there is happiness and sorrow in our human life, isn’t it? Happiness is like we can all enjoy or celebrate together, but sadness cannot be shared with everyone. When there is too much upset or trouble, we sit quietly by posting a small status on social media or a english Sad status on Facebook. But maybe you like that status at all? Where do you get good english Sad Status?

Sad Status In English

The fallen leaves know.It means living with memories.Maybe I’ll drop out You think in the rhythm of time. 
Emotion is a candle After a while it goes out. And conscience is the sun Never. 
The middle-class house boy’s pocket There is no admission money! There is tension in the head.
Never shout at yourself Can’t prove innocent!Sometimes you have to keep quiet.
 The one who deceives, He can be clever! But the one who is deceived, He is not a fool, he is a believer.
Where dreams are ours One cannot The reality there is cruel. 
Sad Status In English
Vegan biscuits in a cup of tea Only one teaches. Karai Don’t drown so much So that myself It has to be broken. 
Do you know the softest thing in the world? The human mind !! He who does not have to be hit with a hard object, when he is saddened, he breaks into pieces.
What kind of people are inside the car That is hidden Only time will tell. 
People lose 6 times in their life. (1) To money. (2) To love. (3) to time. (4) to conscience. (5) To friendship. (6) Finally to death.
If you strengthen yourself Want to pick up Then alone How to live Learn it. 
People cry then,When fighting with his mind Loses.

Best Sad Status In English

Best Sad Status In English
The ones we have made worthy of love, they have become so capable that we are not capable of them.
Don’t lose love and faith, because love doesn’t come from everyone and faith doesn’t come from everyone.
It takes heart to understand some things, that too is broken.
I love everyone Try to keep, but Everyone forgets us I have a mind. 
One thing to always remember, you will see many like me in the world, but we will not find you in them.
It’s okay to be a stranger in this world, people often create their own problems.
New Best Sad Status In English
When the arrow hit his chest Didn’t bother, When I saw the man That’s when I got in trouble. 
If it is cut off then our luck will come .. The flower we chose was a rose.
Moon will you hear What’s on my mind? Honestly, I am too Alone like you.
It simply came to our notice then.How many came ..Everything was a lie Your love. 
There was a lot of grief, the wisdom to keep others happy came when I found myself alone.
In the corner of the eye when the mind is broken Waves crashing, How many tears are pressed in the chest, No one knows. The most beautiful smile hides the deepest secret. The most beautiful eyes cried. And the most pain was felt in the humble heart.

New Sad Status In English

Best New Best Sad Status In English
This is the problem with getting involved with someone. When they leave, you simply feel lost.
Leave it if it’s good Then let goBecause the name of keeping good Love. 
Someone is sleeping, someone is looking for sleep, and. Someone is looking for the sleeping man.
Thank you for cheating, my lost friend, otherwise the meaning of life is incomprehensible.
Thank you for cheating, my lost friend, otherwise the meaning of life is incomprehensible.
The mind likes him That fate does not exist.

Sad Status About Life

Sad Status About Life
That raindrop is in Taema today With a touch of new love,Old love in those raindrops He hides tears in his eyes. 
Believe that there is no patience in love, but where is your patience without your heart?
Man only becomes lonely, when his own people begin to misunderstand him.
Who has given more time beyond the limit has changed over time.
I remember him more That’s me once a day Don’t look.
Everyone tells me to leave her, why no one tells her to be mine.
Best Sad Status About Life
Sometimes a person is not broken or torn apart, only loses, sometimes by fate and sometimes with a loved one
Circumstances teach, listen and endure, otherwise every man is the king of nature.
You did not understand and do not want to understand, “without you” what we wanted from you.
To understand everything in the world It takes time, But one misunderstanding The moment is enough.
Even in the memory of leaving That keeps drowning. I cursed without memory May he be well. 
Love is still the same with you, you just can’t realize it and we’ve even stopped expressing it.

Best Sad Status About Life

New Sad Status In English
How can I tell someone how helpless we are .. You only wanted one and now we are away from you.
No one will come into my life except you, there is only one death that I do not promise
If I only knew that love hurts so much, I would have folded my hands before joining the heart.
I won’t say anything right now until you feel my absence .. I can live my life without you, but I can’t live.
Someone needs to be there, To whom everything can be said at the end of the day.
Not to fate, Lost to faith.
Best New Sad Status In English
Even if the feelings of the mind can be suppressed by force Sometimes, tears explain all the stories.
We want them, There is no place for us in those minds.
Not all death is in the flesh, Some deaths are dreams and desires.
Be just as good, I don’t remember being as good as I am.
To live in this city, You have to know the acting.
If you can keep your word, then keep your word Lying to talk to someone It is better not to do the acting.

New Sad Status About Life

Best Sad Status In English
In the body I am alive Erosion in memory,I have adjusted my mind today In fact, you have to adapt.
 No one wants to forget anyone But time forgets, No one wants to lose anyone But luck took away.
Throughout the end of the story Yet you, so you All poetry around. 
From the people of understanding in this city There are more people misunderstanding.
Very curious Are you the same as before? Or have you changed a lot.
It is better to have some stones inside the chest Echoes are found when sound is made.

Sad Quotes In English

Sad Quotes In English
Do you still love him? I don’t know if I love him yet, but after loving him, the desire to love someone else is dead.
Eyes saw you, and my heart liked … Tell me, should I remove my eyes … or my heart from my chest.
You are increasing the distance, but remember this a lot, love is not always kind to a person.
I like your memory, the moisture in my eyes  I want to smile but your lack makes me cry.
I never feel lonely because loneliness is always with me.
Only human beings know that there is emotion hidden in darkness which will never be revealed in light but will remain in darkness.
Sad Quotes In English
A man will remember you for as long as he needs you and you will lose your importance when the need arises.
Time is strong so wait for time one day your time will come too.
Today, after so many years, he told me that I am sorry for my mistake and I can only say with tears that love is not wrong.
I don’t want anyone to love me I don’t want anyone to wait for me because waiting and love makes people laugh less and cry more.
Just as some people in love cannot be forgotten, some sufferings cannot be explained to anyone.
Love is not just physical, love is spiritual which happens suddenly even if we want to.

Best Sad Quotes In English

Best Sad Quotes In English
Wipe away your tears again and again Remove him from life rather than throw him away Better that you cry so many times.
Midnight dumb cries and tears never lie.
Happy to have someone sad Someone happy with sorrow, Happy to have someone smile Happy to talk more Glad to hear someone talking quietly, But no one is really happy, But everyone is happy with the performance.
 Sametimes it is better Sufi! Trouble changes people Again, Suffering gives strength to people.
I want one That will understand me, a little eye If hidden, you will look like crazy.
 Happy to have someone sad Someone happy with sorrow, Happy to have someone smile Happy to talk more Glad to hear someone talking quietly, But no one is really happy, But everyone is happy with the performance .. !!
New Sad Quotes In English
You make a mistake Didn’t make a mistake, so I’m guilty. You show the way, Don’t walk next, So now I walk alone.
Day goes by and night comes! Some cry, some laugh…! Who cares.
Some nights pass without dreams .. Some hopes are shattered silently .. Some people go to Arale .. Some people lose away without saying anything .. !!
When I wrote in your name, Wet in the rain… .. I wrote in the sky, The sky was covered with clouds .. But whenever I wrote in my heart, That’s when you forgot about me
The desire to have you In the scorching sun of this city Like asking for a little air.

New Sad Quotes In English

Best New Sad Quotes In English
There are two together Two souls tied in one rope Never tear this bond In fact, let the storm.
Actually ours Being good is over from that day Ever since People in love Begins to change.
The real truth is Your troubles Only you will understand No one else will understand As much as he is yours Whatever it is.
A thousand times the suffering nWill increase then When love The man a thousand timesCan’t even try You him How much love.
Best Sad Quotes In English
In this world, I am the only one who misunderstands the one I want to take as my own. No one lets me see.
Faith can only be given to him who is worthy of faith.
Opportunity in life is given to those who understand the meaning of opportunity. How will they get opportunity? Those who do not understand the meaning of opportunity
Well, what is the difference between love and affection? Love is love when you see someone And not being able to forget him is love.
The beauty of one’s inner court is very much Plays an important role To make yourself beautiful.

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